Fitness post: The Paleo Challange

New goals, new life changes. All things good!

Welp, ladies and gents, I feel like a fatty.

I don’t know if any of you know this, but I recently started doing crossfit at Beachside crossfit ( I started really working out last November, and I did this at the gym with a trainer. It was super beneficial to say the least. I have lost 25 lbs, and 5 inches around my waist. In that time I have changed my diet, stopped taking sleeping medication, fixed my sleep schedule (most of the time) and changed my general outlook on life. All of these changes have been for the better, and they have felt GREAT. 

SO….. Today I took on another challenge. Nathan, who runs Beachside, offered everyone there an opportunity. Whoever was up for the challenge, came in today and did a Body Composition Analysis using a hydro-tank. The goal was to measure where your body currently stands, and where your fitness level currently ranks. Whoever has the most changes, wins. Well… I am at 22% currently. Which for my age range is considered to be Fair/Good. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Since this challenge lasts 2 months, and the healthiest way to lose BODY FAT ONLY is to lose a pound a week, I’m shooting for 8-10 lbs of body fat loss. That would put me at about 17% BF. Now, my goal of course won’t stop there, but we have to start somewhere, right?

So, new goals:


30 minutes of high-intensity rope jumping EVERYDAY


Taking my dog for longer walks


Drinking on rare occasions

Taking up a new sport

Hiking more

Drinking more water!

Going to the gym on days I don’t Crossfit, but taking a day or two off.

Bike rides

Running more, and faster

Sex (JK… maybe)

So…. I’m sure there is a lot more I can do, but that’s all my brain will spit out at the moment.

K, have a nice day.

…. The over-analyzed first post…..

So, I’ve been sitting with this link to a blog and starring at it for too many days. Too many questions have run through my mind…

What do I write for my post? This is going to look stupid. Will it be profound enough?

None of that really matter; all that matters is I simply write. I feel like once I start, then the pages will keep coming. It even took me forever to decide on which site I was going to use… I came up with this one. Only because I felt it had a better “community” for the fellow ‘blogger.’

None of this really matters, all that matters is that someone, somewhere give a shit enough about what I have to say to read any of this. Do I have anything spectacular to add to this post today? Not really. I just need to make a change, as I usually do, and start doing the things I love. Maybe someone else will love them too.